Introducing: bXIOT

2 min readSep 3, 2020


Our second creation at XIOTRI, is bXIOT. This new token, bXIOT, is going to provide a liquidity bridge between XIOT and RI, and act as a pillar of the XIOTRI platform. Staking bXIOT in the XIOTRI ecosystem will reward you with RI. This is the first token that we are happy to announce will be apart of the liquidity mining platform as an independent asset you allowed to stake on the launch of our XIOTRI platform.

As we have stated before, XIOTRI sees past the agrarian fervour, and we aim to bring a different perspective to the DeFi space.


As XIOTRI grows as a platform, and as an organization — we are able to implement more complex and intricate designs. During this past week, we were able to expand our Solidity team to include a new developer who allowed us to expedite some of the additional tasks that need to be completed before the platform launch, which is why we are happy to announce the bXIOT launch, and distribution.

Is this the final step in the platform or for our project? Absolutely not. This is just one of many pieces that we are ready to present to the public. From our perspective there is no better way to launch a XIOTRI product than by giving away a large portion of the equity. Are we showing our entire hand? Absolutely not. Are we are keeping our hand extremely close to our chest — and making a play that we feel is best for our community, and for our project? Absolutely.

Details with regards to bXIOT are as follows:

airdrop date: SEPT 6 00:00:00 UTC

snapshot date: SEPT 5 22:00:00 UTC

mint: 250000.000000


bXIOT distribution

Disclaimer: You will need to hold your XIOT in your own wallet where you own your private keys. Exchange wallets are not eligible for this airdrop, and the tokens will be burned if sent to an exchange wallet.




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